SISO and Loan Store Terms & Conditions


These equipment loan terms and conditions are important. Please read them carefully before registering for our online booking service SISO ( These terms together with the information found in the student handbook establish the basis of an agreement between the University and it’s students as to the rights, roles and responsibilities of both parties. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not use this service. Your continued use of this service confirms your acceptance of these terms.

General loan conditions

·       Only students and staff of the Slade School of Fine Art who have registered on the SISO loan and booking system can access equipment, facilities and production support from the Slade

·       Loans and use of facilities are only available in connection with course work or University business

·       Loans are subject to course requirements and appropriate induction

·       Equipment cannot be loaned to you or returned by you without you personally presenting your current University ID card at the store

·       You are fully responsible for equipment loaned to you for the duration of the loan

·       Equipment must be returned and facilities left in the same state as when issued


·       All personal data submitted as part of the SISO registration process will be used solely for the purpose of loaning and administering the Slade’s equipment and facilities.

·       Your SISO account and personal data will automatically be deactivated after twenty four months of inactivity and subsequently removed entirely after a further two months from that date.

·       For further information on the GDPR policies of both SISO and UCL please see the following links:

Standard loan period

·        Standard loan sessions are controlled by SISO and vary depending on the particular piece of equipment, facility or production support, in combination with a maximum number of bookings per week or month.

·       Standard loans are available during term time periods only (as defined by the published term dates for each course)

Exceptional loans and travel abroad

·       Under exceptional circumstances, non-standard loans, loans outside of term time and loans to travel with University equipment abroad may be arranged by prior application

·       Please inform the technicians at the store in advance of any intended use of University equipment abroad. Failure to do this may mean the equipment is not covered by the University insurance policy.

·      Trips to certain countries and other conditions of travel may prove necessary and will be advised as part of the exceptional loan application


·        Equipment, facilities and production support must be pre-booked on SISO. If you fail to pickup the booking or attend facilities at the agreed time of collection the booking will be automatically deleted after the missed session and made available to other users

·        Repeated failure to pickup booked equipment or attend facilities will result in temporary loss of privileges

Late returns

·       Late return of loans will be treated seriously as this causes problems for subsequent students who rely on the availability of equipment at the time of their own bookings

·       Once you have been given your booked equipment it is possible to extend the booking once yourself without visiting the store – login to SISO, navigate to “My bookings” and choose renew. Assuming that your booking has not already become overdue and the items aren’t reserved by someone else, SISO will let you extend in this way once per booking

·       Repeated late returns may ultimately result in suspension of use of all or some of the facilities and equipment

Loss and damage

·       Equipment is only covered by University insurance for course-related work or University business.

·       The user is responsible for the care of the equipment for the duration of the loan; consequently you will be held responsible for any damage and may be charged the full cost of repair or replacement or be asked to contribute to such costs

·       As is professional practice, please check all equipment upon issue at the store and report any problems immediately to the stores technician. Failure to do so may result in you being held responsible for any damage noted on return at the end of your loan period

·       You should take all reasonable security precautions to ensure safekeeping of the equipment at all times (i.e. do not leave equipment unattended and do not leave equipment in unattended vehicles)

·       In the event of loss of the equipment, up to the full cost of the equipment replacement may be charged to users where there is evidence of contributory negligence or where the equipment is not covered by insurance. If the equipment is stolen you must report this theft to the police and obtain a reference number for University insurance purposes

·       In all cases of loss or damage, a loss and damage report form must be submitted to the Slade

Variations of these terms and conditions

·       The Slade reserves the right to change these equipment loan terms and conditions at any time. We will do this by amending these terms and conditions on the University website as well as in the terms and conditions section of SISO

smarthub terms and conditions of use
As a user of this system registered or otherwise you agree that if for any reason you are unable to use smarthub for the intended purpose then you will contact your store via telephone, email or in person to resolve the problem. SiSo Software Limited are not responsible or liable in any way for any errors, damages or any other loss caused by your usage of this system. For the avoidance of doubt this includes any loss howsoever suffered including negligence or fraud except where such negligence causes death or personal injury.